In 2014, a small group of psychologists and I started Gray Matters with the idea that a child could learn while having fun! Many of the children we worked with at Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic taught us that enriched environments can help make kids smarter. Children that played with Rubik's cubes, blocks, and other puzzle games blew our tests away. This inspired us to put a store together with a whole collection of these types of toys. We have diligently searched for games and made them available to our community, and our efforts seemed to have paid off. You voted us the Number 1 New Retailer in Palo Alto, and we really appreciate your support!! We work here, play here, and call Palo Alto our home. Come and see why so many people are having such a great time at Gray Matters. We can't wait to find that next new smart toy to share with you.

- Dr. Richard Abbey